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Main Features

Various Question Types

There are many question types to choose from so you can create the right questions.

  • Text and Email Questions

    Ask Single line and multi line response types of questions. Prompt for valid email addresses.

  • Numeric Questions

    Ask questions requiring
    integer and floating point answers such as age and distance.

  • Single and Mutiple Select Questions

    Ask the respondent to choose only one answer or one or more from a set of answers.

  • Audio and Video

    Record audio or video with this type of question.

  • Logical

    Ask the respondent to select a True or False by ticking.

  • Date and Time

    Ask the respondent to select a date, a time or a date and time.

  • Photo and Barcode

    Take photos with this question type. Ask the user to scan a Barcode or QR Code.

  • Slider

    Ask the respondent to select a value using a continuous scale or slider such as a 0 to 10 range.

  • GPS

    This question type allows the respondent to record the GPS coordinates of any location.

  • Grid based question

    This is a powerful feature that allows questions to to rendered in a matrix. Grid can be applied to all the various question types, even with a mixture of question types. Grids can also be displayed Vertically or Horizontally.

  • Grouped Questions

    This is a compound type of question involving two or more question types displayed on the screen at the same time. The question can be displayed Vertically or Horizontally.

  • Information / Instruction

    Display a separate text to the respondent. Usesful for displaying instructions or futher information to the respondent.


  • Include hints for each question to guide the enumerator / respondent to provide accurate answers. The hints are displayed when the user touches a dedicated hint button on the screen.


  • Get notified by Email when surveys are submitted or a quota is attained.
  • Setup notifications based on predefined scenarios

Data Analysis and Export

  • Analyze your survey results graphically in Bar or Pie charts with summary information.
  • Results are available to download in Excel and CSV format for further analysis if required.
  • Other data manipulation features for easy analysis

We think about your data Security

  • We don't only give you a convinient platform to administer your surveys, but also ensure your projects are private and secured.
  • Project data access is based on permissions defined for users.
  • All data exchange is via SSL / HTTPS.

Surveys on Tablet / Phone

  • Conviniently conduct your surveys using a tablet or phone. Multiple devices can be used without any restriction.

Easy Survey Creation

  • Quickly create surveys using state-of-the-art survey designer with various features including varied question types, skipping of question, branching, static and dynamic looping.
  • Use templates to reduce survey creation time. There are various templates built-in with custom template creation to suite your particular needs.
  • You can create your questionnaires in Excel or CSV and import into the designer. Questionnaires created with the designer can also be exported to Excel or CSV.
  • Take full control of survey using inbuilt Powerful bur friendly Scripts.
  • Built in Wizards help you perform various functions such as skipping questions, branching and renumbering of questions.

Conduct Survey Online or Offline

  • Conduct surveys even without internet connection. Data is stored locally until internet is available.

Centralized Survey Management

  • Manage all your survey projects conveniently from one portal anywhere in the world.
  • Define users and groups with different permissions to manage survey projects. Users can have permissions ranging from no access, submissions of surveys only, to full administrative rights.
  • Effectively monitor your surveys using real-time reports.

Hierarchical User Setup

  • XDCollect manages survey security using group privileges and user heirachy.
  • Create users in a hierachy with top level users having controlled access to their downline users' surveys.
  • Fully monitor & manage surveys of downline users.
  • Allow Managers/Supervisors to monitor progress of Surveys with or without interferance.

Control the Flow and Logic of your Surveys

  • Create complex survey with support for skipping, branching, looping and piping.
  • Fully control all aspects of questions based on any logic and at any point during the survey through startup scripts, per question pre-filter and post-filter scripts.
  • Skip questions based on previous answers or any custom logic.
  • Branch or Jump to questions based on previous answers or any custom logic.
  • Loop through a set of questions as many times as needed.
  • Modify question or answer texts (Piping) as needed based on previous answers or any custom logic.

Static and Dynamic Loops

  • Static Loops: Repeat a set of questions a fixed number of times. This saves you time since you don't need to create the question multiple times. The questions are generated automatically..
  • Dynamic Loops: Repeat a set of questions multiple times based on previous answers or a custom logic. This is very useful when the number of repetitions will only be known when the survey is being administered.

Other Features

There are lots of other features. A few are highlighted below.

  • Auto Complete

    Assign an auto complete list to text and numeric entry questions to speed up entries and also ensure consistency of entries during data collection.

  • Auto Renumber

    Use smart renumbering to renumber your questions automatically and save valuable time. No need to manually renumber.

  • Questionnaire Logo

    Assign a logo to each questionnaire to customize it and give it a personalized look.

  • Color Customization

    Customize the data collection window colors to suite you.

  • Questionnaire Protection

    Protect your questionnaires with passwords to prevent unauthorized modification. There are two levels of password protection.

  • Import and Export of Questionnaires

    You can design your questionnaires in Excel or CSV and import into the designer. You can also export questionnaires into Excel or CSV.

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